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How to Side Crow

side crow option 1
1. Begin in a squat position with your knees and shins together.

2. Keep your knees pointing forward and rotate your torso to the right.

3. Set your palms firmly on the ground shoulder width, about a foot in front of you.

4. Anchor into your palms, lift your hips up, draw your core in and begin to transition the balance of your body: left elbow into your right knee and right elbow towards right waist and ribs.

5. Think “nose toward the ground, butt to the ceiling” in order to lift your feet off the ground.

6. Look forward slightly and lean forward balancing your torso on your arms like a little shelf.

7. Keep hugging your shins in as they can splay apart, and either stay here with bent knees or begin to press both heels toward the side wall.

8. Think Chaturanga arms, drawing shoulder blades onto your upper back and lift up into your core.

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